GCSE Business Studies in Years 10 & 11

Course Leader: Mr Ryall
Contact Email: cryall@tgschool.net
Examination Board: Edexcel
Assessment: 100% external written examinations (two papers)

What does the course involve?

Students will learn about business concepts, terminology, objectives, the integrated nature of business activity and the impact of business on individuals and wider society.

We develop students as enterprising individuals with the ability to think commercially and creatively to demonstrate business acumen, drawing on evidence to make informed business decisions and solve business problems.

The course has two main themes investigating small business and building a business

Theme 1 concentrates on the key business concepts, issues and skills involved in starting and running a small business. It provides a framework for students to explore core concepts through the lens of an entrepreneur setting up a business.

Theme 2 examines how a business develops beyond the start-up phase. It focuses on the key business concepts, issues and decisions used to grow a business, with an emphasis on aspects of marketing, operations, finance and human resources. It also considers the impact of the wider world on the decisions a business makes as it grows.

In both themes students will be introduced to local and national business contexts and will develop an understanding of how these contexts impact business behaviour and decisions. 

These themes are then assessed at the end of the course through two externally set examinations. Each exam is 90 minutes.

Skills developed

Students will demonstrate a wide range of transferable employable skills, whilst empowering them to be critical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. Students will also harness quantitative skills relevant to business, including using and interpreting data.

Studying Business at Sixth Form

Students can continue studying Business as a vocational subject here at Thomas Gainsborough School.

Department Staff

Mr K Gault Teacher of Maths Contact
Mr J Oliver Teacher of Business Contact
Mr W Ponsford Head of Peyton House Contact
Mr C Ryall Deputy Headteacher, Teaching & Learning Contact