Change to strengthen Y8 & 9 Grammar Pathway languages teaching from September 2023

From September there will be a change to the number of languages that students will study in the Grammar pathway. This will strengthen their preparation for studying a modern foreign language at GCSE.

Instead of studying two languages for two lessons each a fortnight, students will study one language for three lessons in both Years 8 and 9.

This will provide further depth of teaching in a single language, chosen from the two they have been introduced to this year. This also allows time for dedicated lessons in Computer Science and Information Technology which helps develop a different language and critical thinking skill. In Year 9 this also allows time for students to study the Higher Project Qualification, a small GCSE level qualification which develops and recognises students to research, think hard and articulate their views in an area of their choice.

Teaching of Latin & Classics will be unaffected and will continue to be taught for one lesson a fortnight, and is not affected by this change. It is highly unusual for students to study two modern foreign languages at GCSE.

It is the school’s policy that the majority of students study a modern foreign language, or Latin, at GCSE in Years 10 and 11. The students who must study a language or Latin at GCSE are those performing in the top 60% of students and we are confident they will achieve at least a grade 5 (old GCSE B/C) in GCSE English. Other students are strongly encouraged to consider studying a language.

Studying a single modern foreign language, for an additional lesson, gives students the best preparation for continuing that language at GCSE.

We hope that experiencing two modern foreign languages this year has been helpful in allowing students to now choose their preferred language to study.

We have spoken to students about this change, and we would now like to know if you have a preference for the language for them to study, if you are happy for us to recommend a language for them, or if you would like one of us to contact you to discuss the choice.

As a school we remain committed to providing young people with a wide range of languages to study up to A Level and the highest quality teaching to best prepare them for success in studying an additional language. 

Please respond on line by using this form

If you have requested a conversation please also let us know who to contact, a phone number and preferred time.


Hayley Frid,
Head of Modern Foreign Languages,
Chris Ryall,
Deputy Headteacher,