This summer we hosted another successful Summer School.
Over the space of 2 weeks we met 157 of our new Yr 7 students who took part in a range of team building activities and subject based projects. Students made pizza and nature masks, they learnt new sports skills and tried to save an egg from a drop off the balcony and finished their week with a Pool Party.
From the student feedback we feel sure they had a great time and made lots of new friends as well as learnt some new skills.

Our Sententia group had a week looking at taking part in the EPQ Level 2, most of them looking to continue with this in September. Students gave very positive feedback – particularly about understanding how to carry out research and how to evaluate sources. To give you an idea of how hard they worked during their week have a look at some of their initial titles for their projects: 
  • To what extent does rewilding and ecosystems work together for the better 
  • Are serial killers born or made? 
  • Why are people generally more interested in male football rather than female football ?
  • Why did Elvis become such a phenomenon?
We had another group of Year 10 in working with Dr Clarke on a film workshop producing short films using the school setting, costumes and props.
These weeks were incredibly busy and so successful. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved, prepared resources and encouraged students to attend. A special thank you to Sam & Sarah in the kitchen for the fantastic food they provided – it was mentioned in so much of the feedback from all year groups!