Houses and Vertical Tutoring

As they start at Thomas Gainsborough School students will join a Tutor Group and become a member of House.  There are five Houses each containing 12 Tutor Groups.

Each House is led by a Head of House who is responsible for the monitoring of students’ progress in all aspects of the curriculum. They work alongside the Student Support team to ensure the academic progress of every student and to remove any barriers to learning.

The individual Tutor Groups are organised vertically and consist of students from all years in school.  This promotes a sense of smaller communities and belonging within school.  The Tutor will remain with the student for their entire progress through school from Year 7 into Sixth Form ensuring consistency in monitoring of progress.

Tutor Groups follow a programme in registration in order to promote relationships between students of different years including mentoring, competitions and a theme of the week discussion. All contributions made by students to the life of the school such as merits and competitions lead to the awarding, each term, of the House Cup to the House with the most points.