Thomas Gainsborough School Ethos and Values

Our school motto is ‘Excellence: for each, for all’ and this encapsulates our values and ethos. It is a school where every single individual matters. We strive to personalise a young person’s education, putting them at the centre of their own learning, to ensure that each student achieves his or her full potential enjoying an education that focuses on their own individual skills, strengths and aptitudes. Each student has a voice here – it is their school and their education. Yet each student is also part of a community, locally, nationally and globally. We want our students to become outstanding citizens and contribute greatly to the society in which they live.

Our key values of Respect, Resilience, Honesty, Happiness, Positivity and Confidence are central to everything we do at Thomas Gainsborough School. We hope that each student will leave our school with an understanding of what each of them means and be able to put them into practice in their own lives.

Respect: is acknowledging the good in others and ourselves and it values people and things for what or who they are.

Resilience: is being able to stay strong when things are tough and being able to overcome and accept difficulties.

Honesty: is being truthful with others and yourself.

Happiness: is a sense of well-being and joy which comes through our relationships with others and in what we have achieved.

Confidence: is being able to be true to yourself, to others and your beliefs.

Positivity: is an ability to see the good in you, others and the situation. It is an acknowledgement of what can be achieved and not what cannot.