In our most recent Ofsted report careers advice was rated as "Outstanding".

A comprehensive and cohesive programme of advice and guidance prepares pupils very well for the next step in their education or career. Employers visit the school to help pupils with interview skills and pupils go outside the school to develop an understanding of the wider world. For example, pupils who are interested in the care industry take part in community work.

Leaders provide very effective advice and guidance to sixth-form students. Students say careers education is ‘amazing’. They benefit from links with around 150 different businesses and receive visits from a range of industries. All students complete a record of achievement with an individual employer and undertake a career management module. Students develop a folder of evidence and career action plans based on research and supporting documentation. Retention from Year 12 to Year 13 is high, and the number of students leaving the school not in education, employment or training is low.

Our Careermark was revalidated in December 2019 for a further 2 years.

Careers Entitlement

Our aim is to provide students with information from varied sources to allow them to make informed decisions regarding options, further education, higher education, apprenticeships and future Career pathways. 

Careers opening times and contact details

All School Years

TGS Careers TV - the careers department have been building a library of 20 minute interviews with professionals about their jobs, to give students a taste of the varied career opportunities availalbe to them in the future. Students can access these recordings via the Google Drive in the Careers folder.

Enrichment Day activities – Three days each year students are provided with a programme of activities which cover Careers and PSHE education.  We plan activities such as Speed Employer Networking, employer led activities and Charity events. Visits to and from TGS Universities, Colleges and employers to share information and roadshows to promote healthy living and career opportunities.

Visits to Careers Fairs – meet local employers, colleges and universities to gain information.

Personalised visits to Local Employers – Usually offered to students in small groups.

Careers interviews – Referrals by staff, students and parents. All students can request an interview with our careers manager.

Year 10/12

Work Experience – Students are encouraged to visit the Careers Hub and work with Ms Perkins to plan for a work experience placement; they must sign an agreement to catch up with any missed work.  Many students this year have completed placements during school holidays.

Work Experience Entitlement  – 15 days work experience between Year 10 – 13.  Students are encouraged to take up to 10 days in Year 10 and are offered 5 days in Year 12.  Full details of the work experience programme can be found in the Year 10 Careers information Leaflet (Above).

Year 11 

Career Pathway Interview – Mrs Osborne offers impartial information, advice and guidance.  Students are offered information, advice and guidance to support them in their applications to Sixth Form, College, Apprenticeships and University.  She will work with the students to review their grade levels, and will offer impartial information sources to enable students to make informed choices.

Open Event information – A full list of sixth form and college open events is made available for students in the Careers Hub and shared by email.  Students are encouraged to attend open events with their parents/carers.

Work Experience for 6th form Students

Year 12 students are entitled to 5 days work experience with the exception of BTEC work experience, which may include a larger number of hours as a part of the course.  The sixth form work experience coordinator aims to find suitable placements for students in their chosen field. The employer will normally ask to see the students for an interview prior to work experience commencing. Students are asked to compose a CV and personal statement to take with them on the interview.

During the work placement, students will be visited by one of the careers team, who will be given feedback by the employer.

BTEC work experience

Work experience for students who are studying a BTEC subject have to complete a required number of hours on a subject related work placement, in order to achieve the qualification.  6th form students who are interested in work experience should visit the Careers Hub.

Labour Market Information

Labour Market Information (LMI) can help students make more informed decisions about which jobs to consider in the future based on it's upward or downward trend. The tool below allows them to compare two different jobs to see which ones are growing or contracting. For more information please see

This is not designed to crush the dreams of our students, passion is the most important factor in choosing a career path however it is important they are aware of what to expect should they choose certain career paths over others.