All students will receive personal entry statements with details of their exams. 

Any enquiries about examinations or results should be made to the school examination officer by email to or by telephoning the school.

Start Times

Morning exams start at 9AM, and while students are still attending school they should register with their tutor before coming to the exam location

For afternoon exams students with access arrangements, and for other exams in G Block (eg Y12, 13 and some language exams) students may leave period 2 at 12:30 and have lunch in the Lightwell before arriving at 1pm.

Exams for Y11 in the Sports Hall start at 1 pm. Students leave lesson 2m if they have an exam, at 12:15, and then come to the sports centre ready to start the exam promptly at 1pm.

We ask the buses to wait for Y11 students after their afternoon exams, and bring students straight from the exam hall to the bus park.

If a bus is late in the morning (after 8:50) and students have an exam they may come straight to the exam location.

Sixth Form students with longer afternoon exams are asked to make their own transport arrangements or wait for a late bus.


As is usual for any school absence we ask that you email or telephone the school on 01787 375232 to report your child's absence. If a student is missing from an exam we will first check with our attendance team to see if the absence has been reported.

If we have not been notified of an absence we will contact you to check that your child is on their way.

If any exam is missed we will all also contact you for further information about the absence to report to the exam board.

Revision in School

Teachers are prepared with a range of activities and resources to ensure that students make excellent use of their time in school.

Year 13s continue to attend lessons up until their last exam in that eubject, an Year 11s continue to attend all lessons and registrations up until thir last science exam, they then only attend for lessons that still have exams.

Following these dates students are welcome to stay in school for the full day. They only need to attend lessons for which they still have an exam. Study spaces for Y11 students in school without lessons will be available and a list published in the Student Services reception.

After these dates Y13s sign in using the electronic system in G Block. Y11s will be able to sign in at a list near the attendance window at Student Services.

Whenever students attend school for exams, or for revision sessions in the school day, they should be in school uniform or for Sixth Formers smartly dressed ready for learning.

Equipment for Exams

Equipment is provided in exam halls, but students are often more confident when bringing their own equipment. This should be in a clear pencil case. Watches, phones, MP3 players are not allowed in the exam halls. Students may bring a drink with them but this should be free from packaging and drinks containers should have labels removed.