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We regularly run events for parents and students to support them in developing the necessary skills for effective revision. Advice for parents and students is available in the resources section of this page. There are also some more tips at the bottom of this page in the gallery.

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Stay Strong 2024

As students in Year 11 approach their exams here are ways that students and families can support excellent outcomes.

1. Attend lessons

Time in school with the experts who know you and the content and skills you need is vital. If students are absent keep up with the work via Go4Schools and stay in touch with teachers by email.

2. After School Co-Curricular

After school co-curricular sessions continue up until exams, and students are welcome to attend any sessions for their subject. Speaking to your teacher will confirm which session would be the best support for you. Teachers will also let students and parents know when these sessions are essential to complete missed work, particularly for subjects including extended projects.

Buses run late to most villages, and the library is open until 5pm, and the then the sports centre reception from 5pm so students have a supervised space to wait to be collected by parents. Information about late buses is on our transport page,  

3. Resources & Activities Provided by Subject Teams

Subject teachers will provide students with the most suitable activities and guidance to help support your child in the areas that will benefit them most. Use Go4Schools and any resources shared by teachers.

4. Planning - make a plan

The dates of final exams can be found on our external examinations web page, and practise exams on our internal exams page. Students can use their planners to record their after school and other revision activities.

5. Wellbeing: plan to rest & relax, remember the goal!

Maintiaining good physical, mental and emotional health is always important. During preparation for exams normal feelings of anxiety (which we all experience before important events) can be harder to manage. Our student wellbeing page contains more information to students, and it is important that they all:

  • Plan time to rest & relax
  • Mainintain a healthy diet, continue to exercise regularly and check that they have good sleep routines
  • Talk any worries through with an adult
  • Remember that they are not alone, and support is always available from a range of people, including their tutor, teachers, learning mentor, learning support team, school nurse, Head of House, family and friends
  • Remember the goal, there will be an end to the exam season, and recognise and reward the work in preparing rather than just the results!

* How to revise: FLAT

Revision is most effective when it is:

  1. focused on the most useful skills and knoweldge, guided by teachers or tutors;
  2. long-term, taking place throughout the course and the weeks (not days) leading up to exams;
  3. active, requiring students to think hard and make use of the information they are learning;
  4. transformative, takes information from one source, and out of their memory, into another form.

For example, completing questions regularly throughout the course, responding to feedback, and practising recalling key knowledge is very effective.

These tasks can be carried out as part of usual homework, attending co-curricular after-school sessions, face-to-face revision sessions, online tutoring, online tools such as GCSE Pod or usuing printed resources and revision guides.

If you have any questions about how to support your child with their general revision of wellbeing please get in touch with their tutor, Head of House or a learning mentor. For subject specific questions please contact their teacher or releveant subject leader.

All our contact deatils are on the staff contact page.