Through Drama students have the opportunity to work creatively to produce thought-provoking pieces. It is a subject which allows them to work freely in an open space, giving the opportunities to physically express themselves. Students have the chance to experience different genres of theatre in the process. By collaborating with others, students often develop their leadership skills, as well as their own sense of empathy. Students explore a variety of scripts, offering them a chance to explore these in a practical way, often bringing them to life and allowing themes and issues to resonate with students. The love of theatre and performance is inspired throughout the course, with some theatre trips and workshops offered.

Key Stage 3 Overview

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Autumn Introduction to drama
Devising: peer pressure
Devising: Identity
Spring Study of play-text
Set design/costume design
Study of play-text
Set design/costume design
Practitioners: Stanislavski & Brecht
Study of genre: theatre in education
Summer Physical theatre
Twisted Fairytales
Approaching Shakespeare
Play text

Students are assessed on the 3 following areas: Creating, Performing and Evaluating (written work). There are regular assessments which will focus on one of the 3 areas.

Key Stage 4 Courses

Students in Years 10 & 11 can study GCSE Drama.

Details of this course is available from the linked resources on this page.

Department Staff

Mrs J Arrow Head of Drama Contact
Mrs K French Teacher of Drama Contact