During the half term Angel Worley and I took a trip to London to see the West End production of 'A Taste of Honey', which we ourselves are performing as part of our A Level Drama practical exam. The production was held in Trafalgar Studios, a small theatre, which gave the performance an intimate atmosphere. We entered the theatre via the stage, which was interesting as we got to see the set up close. It really connected us to the performance from the get go. We found that the acting was superbly executed and felt that they manifested their characters extremely well, such that we have used this as inspiration for our own development of our characters. We also enjoyed their interactions with the set in order to develop the overall feel of the scene, for instance their use of lighting to create the image of the sun shining through a window. Hopefully, we can take on similar ideas like those we saw in our own performance.' 

Gemma Deacon - Y13 Drama Student