English Literature

A level

Examination Board: OCR

Specification: H472

Course Leader: Mr M Harris

Contact Email: mharris@tgschool.net

What Will I Study?

The OCR A level in English Literature extends the study of literature in breadth and depth, further developing learners’ ability to analyse, evaluate and make connections. Learners are required to study a minimum of eight texts at A level, including at least two examples of each of the genres of prose, poetry and drama across the course as a whole.

Component 1 - Drama and Poetry: Current texts for this unit include Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Milton’s Paradise Lost (books 9 and 10 only).

Component 2 - Comparative and Contextual Study: The current literary genre for study in this unit is dystopia, including Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale, George Orwell’s 1984 and a broad selection of extracts from a range of other dystopian texts in preparation for the unseen element of the examination.

Component 3 - Literature Post-1900 (non-exam assessment): A close study of three texts, one each of poetry, prose and drama, written post-1900, including one text written post-2000. Learners will have the opportunity to choose a text for study in this unit.

Entry Requirements

A Grade 5 or higher in English Language and English Literature at GCSE.

A genuine enthusiasm for reading – you are going to need to do a lot of it, not only set texts but a wide range of background material.


Paper 1 (40%) – Written exam, 2 hours and 30mins, closed book.

Paper 2 (40%) – Written exam, 2 hours and 30mins, closed book.

Non-exam assessment (20%) – Two written parts; a close reading of one text and a comparative essay.

Where Next?

Law, journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, teaching, theatre and any careers that require you to organise your thoughts and read beyond the surface. Being able to read and articulate complex concepts will always be valuable in a wide range of contexts.

Department Staff

Miss C Brown (CBR) Teacher of English Contact
Mr M Harris (MHA) Head of English Contact