This is an exciting time and decisions, plans, ideas and subjects you commit to now will help forge the bright future that is ahead of you.

The Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form will provide you with an outstanding environment to help you meet and exceed your potential. We will have high expectations of you both academically and personally and we will expect you to work hard, aim high and seize all the opportunities that will be provided for you.

Above all, we expect our Sixth Form students to be courageous and creative thinkers, able to meet challenges and to care about others within their community. Our dedicated teachers will provide you with excellent teaching. They will build upon the knowledge they might already have of you to fully understand your core strengths and to identify areas where you need extra encouragement and motivation. They will be accessible not just during lesson time but via e-mail and also after school to provide additional support.

Our wide ranging curriculum, consisting of A Levels, BTECs, Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) and work experience will fire your imagination and inspire you to develop your unique opinions and attributes, unlocking a world where there are no parameters to possibility and potential.