“You are never alone at TGS. Our Sixth Form is a strong community as part of the wider school community.”

Hello, I’m Alex and I am the Head Boy at TGS. The subjects I study are Sociology, Philosophy and English Language. I chose TGS because it really felt more personal than the other Sixth Form options available. The teachers are fantastic, friendly and really make you feel welcome and part of the lesson. The leadership team of the school, especially the Sixth Form, is very supportive. I changed my mind multiple times about my subjects and choices before starting, and even during my A-Levels, but with the advice of the Sixth Form Leadership Team, all were very helpful in supporting me and finding the best combination of A-Levels for me. TGS has not only provided me with a platform to kickstart my future beyond A-Levels, it has also provided a place where I feel happy to come and study.

I am the current Head Girl at TGS. I am in my second year of Sixth Form, studying A levels in English Language, History and Philosophy as well as working towards research for an EPQ which will open doors for my future career in business. I decided to study here at TGS because I feel as though I am treated as an individual - not to mention the deliberately small classes to encourage a stronger relationship between the student and teacher. I enjoy the atmosphere at our Sixth Form; it is positive and welcoming. The Sixth Form staff treat us as though we are adults, and let us have the independence we need to develop and flourish for when we choose our next steps. Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form has helped me find myself. I am now more confident and knowledgeable than I ever have been - I wouldn’t choose anywhere else.

I am currently in my second year of Sixth Form, studying English Literature, History and Sociology, and working towards an EPQ project involving dance and acting. I am also the President of the Student Parliament, which I really enjoy and use to represent the student voice. All of the extra opportunities that I have been given at the Sixth Form, like being President, have really made my experience. TGS was the right place for me because the teachers are the most supportive, interesting and helpful people. Anytime I have struggled or felt overwhelmed with any of my A-levels, all of my subject teachers have been there to guide and help me in any way they can. Being at the Sixth Form whilst it grew in numbers, has not changed the personal touch that made me want to stay here after being in the lower school. I am very glad I chose to stay at this Sixth Form.

I am really enjoying my time here at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form. When I came to look at the school all the teachers were really friendly and their support is second to none. I hadn’t even shaken their hands and they were planning my future, talking about various different routes I could go down or tailoring my courses to what would suit me best for the future. Additionally, with the vast range of courses they offer I was able to do all the subjects that I wanted/suited me which are: Biology, Chemistry and Geography. To me, it just made sense to go to the place that would give me the best opportunity.

I am currently in my first year of Sixth Form, and I am studying Mathematics, History and Philosophy and Ethics. I’m really enjoying my studies at the moment as well as my mentoring opportunities in the lower school, which are incredibly fun and rewarding. These include assisting students within their lessons as well as helping out with extra curricular clubs and activities. In the future, I hope to study philosophy as part of a joint honours course alongside either maths or modern history. Part of why I chose to go to Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form was because of our careers links and university application support, as well as our facilities. We are a welcoming and close-knit environment, due to our relative size compared with other local colleges. Therefore my learning feels more personalised and tailored to me and I feel like a valued individual and a part of our school community.