“You are never alone at TGS. Our Sixth Form is a strong community as part of the wider school community"

Francesca Perkins-Taylor

I’m Fran, the Head Girl at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form, and I’m currently in my last year of Sixth Form studying Mathematics, History and Philosophy and Ethics. I’m really enjoying my subjects as well as the opportunities the Sixth Form provides, such as mentoring in the lower school and the Reading Ambassador scheme, as well as all the trips, visits and speakers that are organised by the Careers department.

In the future, I hope to study philosophy as part of a joint honours course or as a major and minor, alongside either maths or modern history at St. Andrews University; part of why I chose to go to TGS was because of our careers links and university application support, as well as our facilities and teaching. Due to our relative size compared with other local colleges, we’re a smaller and more friendly environment and therefore learning can feel more personalised and I feel like a valued individual and a part of our school community.

Connor Palmer

I’m Connor and currently the Head Boy at TGS. I am in my second year of Sixth Form, studying A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Geography. I decided to study at TGS because I felt a sense of being supported by the teachers to help me succeed. They’re friendly, encouraging and always trying to help move you onto the next level, so you can achieve your dreams. If at any point you don't understand an area, or begin to feel overwhelmed with the workload, they are more than happy to lend a helping hand to get you back on course to achieving your potential.

Gemma Deacon 

I'm currently in my first year of Sixth Form, studying History, French and Drama. I am also interested in EPQ later in the year, as I believe this will improve my independent study skills in preparation for university. I chose to stay on to TGS Sixth Form as I knew that they have a brilliant support system and would continue to help me throughout my studies and with any other worries that I have. The environment is really welcoming and calm, which means that it is a great place to work. The teachers are fantastic, friendly and interactive in their lessons. I feel as if I can talk to them easily if I have any concerns. There are also lots of different opportunities available, for instance we have lots of committees and clubs for anything you may be interested in. I would recommend TGS for anyone who is looking for a hard-working environment which isn't too crowded.

Daisy Adams 

I am currently in my first year of Sixth Form and studying Business Studies, IT and Economics. At TGS you are treated as an individual with all teachers behind you and wanting to help you reach your full potential. Part of the attraction to TGS Sixth Form for me was the smaller class sizes. With all my classes being more intimate it allows the teacher to get to know you and gives you more confidence to get involved. Having come from a different school, I felt I instantly fitted into TGS with the friendly atmosphere it provides. It also gave a smooth transition from GCSE to A Level and accommodated my educational requirements. 

Being at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form has allowed me to reach the next step in my future with the endless motivation that they provide.

Jacob Miculob

I’m Jacob and I am currently in my first year of Sixth Form, studying A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and French. Choosing to study here at TGS has made me feel confident that I have made the right decision for me. The support we students receive from our teachers is very insightful, and because of the strong relationship between students and teachers here at our Sixth Form, teachers acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. They always strive to push for me to achieve my best. They are always offering and suggesting many opportunities for me that may help to achieve my personal goals and ambitions. The extra-curricular here is also encouraged and paramount; not only does TGS help us succeed academically, but they also encourage our personal hobbies and interests. Everything TGS offers is about us, the students.

Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form is a place of study where I know I can feel confident to ask questions, be successful, and most importantly, be myself.