Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form Alumni

Kathrine Rose
Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form from 2016-2018

"I am currently studying a History degree at Glasgow University and I am hoping to go into law or the probation service after university. 

A levels are difficult and I think the best thing to help you get through that is to feel as comfortable and supported as possible. My subject teachers were fantastic at getting me through the two years and were always there to help me whenever I needed it. I was also able to get involved with other aspects of the school such as being President of the Student Parliament. These kind of roles make you feel like you are part of a community and can afford you lots of different opportunities.  

The Sixth Form also really encouraged you to do EPQs. I was so grateful for this as my EPQ was one of the highlights from my time at Sixth Form. I was able to put together my interest in History and Dance to produce a project that was enjoyable and gave me another qualification. 

When applying for university it’s also so important to have people to help you and who are experts on the system. Dr Talbot gave this unique experience which helped my personal statement and overall application to be the best it could be when applying." 

Lucy Root
Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form from 2016-18

"One of the things that I feel is particularly unique about Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form is the ‘personalised touch’ of the learning experience. The smaller class sizes was something which appealed to me as I found the idea of large sixth forms a daunting prospect at the end of Year 11. Even though technically attached to the main school, the Sixth Form strikes the perfect balance between being the necessary step up from the lower school whilst maintaining the sense that you are still part of the wider school community. In addition, the staff are exceptionally passionate about their craft and really care for the students and their success. There is always a vast array of exciting opportunities which people can get involved with, both academic and extra- curricular. One I found to be invaluable was the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) which allowed me to develop the fundamental skills of independent research and writing; ones necessary not only for my progression into higher education, but for my A-Levels as well. The EPQ allowed me to explore my own interests whilst giving my personal statement an added dimension and I felt that it complemented my studies immensely well. The skills acquired during my time at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form have carried me far beyond simply completing the exams and collecting the results, and I found my two years to be especially enjoyable."

Matt Chambers 
Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form from 2016-2018

"Coming from TGS school to TGS Sixth Form was an easy transition for me as I knew the staff within the Sixth Form as well as my subject teachers. 

The only thing I knew about my future career choice when I started, was that it had to do with transport in some way. The Sixth Form supported me in exploring all avenues to try and find the right career for me.  It was after attending a networking event held by the Sixth Form that I spoke to  someone who worked for Transport for London (TFL). This connection gave me valuable work experience with TFL themselves and led me down the career path I am now in. 

After accepting my position as a TFL apprentice since leaving TGS Sixth Form, I have been able to work on many projects including major station upgrades and modernising Underground lines with new trains and signalling. When compared to University, this has definitely been the best path for me, from a practical and learning point of view and well as an enjoyment one."

Ross McCrory
Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form 2016-2018

"Post-sixteen education is an exciting time. It is characterised by a wealth of opportunities. The most obvious being that you have the first real chance to decide where you are going to study- and there are a great number of reasons for choosing TGS! Of course, one of the other biggest opportunities is that you have the ability to pick subjects you love (some of which you may never have studied officially before) and delve deeper into their complexities.  TGS have a very committed teaching staff who will provide you with the independence that comes with this level of study but also ensure that they create active, dynamic and varied learning experiences. The chance to take an Extended Project Qualification was really beneficial to me as somebody who was looking to go to university but, in general, this epitomises the idea that Sixth Form is all about doing the things you enjoy and having the freedom to engage with them on a higher level. 

Outside of the classroom, one finds yet more opportunity in the enormous number of enrichment activities on offer: from sport to the arts, to attending conferences and going on trips. Again, it’s all about doing what you love and I would urge you to get involved. I was even able to organise my own enrichment activities. All of this means that you build up not only knowledge but all important skills to take with you on your next steps. 

Being a smaller institution means that TGS can make this experience very personal, but there is certainly a sense of vibrant, diverse community and collaboration, which is only enhanced by being part of a wider school. Every pupil is wholly valued. In relation to which, the fabulous student support team are always on hand to guide you in your mental, physical and educational wellbeing. Student voice is also something they take very seriously. As Head Boy, it was part of my role to champion this. It allows you to take ownership of your time here and get the most out of it.

My own time at TGS was incredibly well rounded and rewarding. Teaching has always been my dream job and so I was very pleased to be able to take advantage of the lower school mentoring scheme whilst I was still a student. Indeed, the school have continued to support me in my goals and provide me with further insight and experience. The Careers and UCAS teams are both excellent and their input is another fundamental way in which these next two years can be specifically tailored to you. So, in a world of choices and opportunities, I firmly believe that studying at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form is a formative experience in itself, but it is also the perfect stepping stone before the next leg of your journey, whatever that may be.” 

We have a proven track record in preparing our students successfully for their post-18 pathways.

All of our Year 13 from 2017-18 successfully moved on into Higher Education, Apprenticeships or employment.

Destined For Success

Our students went to a wide range of Universities this year to read an impressive variety of subjects:

Portsmouth - Maths with Statistics


Lincoln - Maths with Philosophy

              Product Design


              Mechanical Engineering

              Maths with Physics


              Computer Science

              Psychology with Forensic Psychology

Liverpool - Law

Essex - Childhood Studies


             Sports Performance and Coaching

Kings College London - History

Durham - Maths

Sheffield - Biomedical Science

St Marys - Nutrition

Nottingham Trent - Physics with Astrophysics

                               Fashion Marketing and Branding


                               Biomedical Sciences

University of Suffolk - Adult Nursing

                                   Law with Criminology

                                   Radiotherapy and Oncology


De Montfort - Computer Security

                       Business and Management

                       Criminal Investigations with Policing Studies

Bournemouth - Business Studies

University of East Anglia - Philosophy

                                          English Literature

Hull - Business Management


Bath Spa - Business and Management

                  Environmental Science

Kent - Criminology

           Philosophy and Sociology

Coventry - Sports Therapy

Leeds - Sociology and Psychological Studies

             Social Policy and Sociology

Brighton - Sociology

                 Physical Education

                 Paramedic Practice

Derby - Primary Education

Chester - Microbiology

Glasgow - History

York - Sociology

Canterbury - Policing

Salford - Biomedical Science

Surrey - Veterinary Medicine and Science

Sussex - International Development