Student Dress Code:

Clothing should be professional attire, not casual wear.

Male students must wear a tie. Formal/tailored shirt, trousers and smart shoes should be worn, no trainers please.

Female students should wear smart business dresses or separates. Any cropped trousers should be formal and tailored. Skirts and dresses should be at least halfway between hip and knee. Shirts, blouses, knitwear and other smart tops may be worn, plus smart shoes or boots.

Hair should be neat and tidy.

Visible piercings should be restricted to the ears (a small nose piercing is allowed) and, wherever possible, tatoos should not be shown.

The following may be helpful in clarifying what is and what is not appropriate.

  • No demim .
  • No shorts .
  • No combat or cargo trousers .
  • No leggings unless under an appropriate length skirt or dress .
  • No low cut or strappy tops .
  • No sweat tops/hoodies’ .
  • No inappropriate footwear e.g flip flops, backless sandals, casual boots and trainers including Vans which may contravene Health & Safety guidelines.