Sixth Form life provides an opportunity to develop and broaden your skills and experiences but also to develop some new skills. We offer a programme of Super-curricular activities and our students should make decisions based upon their own individual needs, interests, skills and aims.

Your Sixth Form is a friendly and vibrant place with a great deal going on. If your particular interest does not seem to be offered then you could get together with others who share your ideas and start your own society.

This is Your Sixth Form!

  1. Our Career Skills Workshop is an interactive workshop designed to build the eight essential skills required for the workplace and life in general. The main focus is on listening, speaking, problem solving, creativity, staying positive, aiming high, leadership and teamwork, leading to potential work experience in the spring and summer terms and enhancing your CV or Personal Statement.
  2. Our Eze driving school of motoring offers both year 12 and 13 a free young drivers course  covering the DVSA driving curriculum (both theory and practical sessions).The course is fun, informative, interactive and what’s more it’s free! Find out more here.
  3. Our Sports programme encompasses a variety of opportunities to get involved with regular physical activity to improve your muscle strength, boost your endurance and help your cardiovascular system work more efficiently and give you more energy to tackle your day. You will have the chance to participate in competitive or social sporting activities, or enhance your leadership skills in our Sports Leader sessions.
  4. Our Arts programme allows students to experiment with artistic techniques, media and alternative processes. Our students can submit individual pieces of work to exhibitions and competitions, interact with visiting artists, artists in residence, speakers and take part in workshops and visits.
  5. Our Community programme is an opportunity to either assist in local primary schools or potentially looking after the community garden, painting the TGS mural, litter picking in the local community, volunteering in local care homes or helping in local charity organisations providing you with an opportunity to work with young people in an out of a classroom setting.
  6. Our First Aid course is a vital skill to take through life. We deliver a six-week interactive on-line course that teaches you the essentials of First Aid.
  7. Our Well Being group help, explore and develop the sixth form opportunities that are beneficial for your mind, wellbeing and overall health.
  8. Our Language and Culture programme will have exposure to conversational language and an opportunity to explore the culture of the chosen language.
  9. Our Music group will have access to the music studios for practice and have opportunities to support students in lower school, perform or get involved in any of the school performances.
  10. Our Stem group will have the opportunity to develop a product using the facilities in the technology department potentially using 3D printing and laser cutter.