Classical Civilisation

A Level

Examination Board: OCR

Specification: H408

Course Leader: Mr A Clinch 

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What Will I Study?

‘Knowledge is now no more a fountain sealed.’ (Alfred Lord Tennyson, The Princess).

Why choose Classical Civilisation?

Classical Civilisation is an exciting mix of many skills and studies centred around the worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome. It mixes literature, culture and the arts as well as beliefs and ideas relating to philosophy and religion. The subject gives both great variety and great depth of study in these areas and is much desired by universities as it equips those who choose to study it so well in such a wide range of key skills and abilities. It is mistaken by many as Ancient History but shares only the time period and not the areas of focus or the content. Studying Classical Civilisation is an excellent way to gain insight into the basis for much of our modern politics, philosophy, arts and literature. It is often a great choice to accompany the study of English and/or Humanities. English/Latin bi-lingual texts will be optional so that GCSE Latin students will be able to keep their language skills sharp. It should be noted that all are welcome to study not only those with previous GCSE experience in Latin or Classical Civilisation.

Component 1: The world of the hero

In this compulsory component, students study Virgil’s Aeneid and Homer’s Odyssey.

Component group 2: Culture and the arts

The components in this group involve study of visual and material culture, and (except for Greek art) literature in translation. Students will study: Imperial image.

Component group 3: Beliefs and ideas

Components in this group involve study of an area of classical thought, along with either literature in translation or visual/material culture. Students will study: Greek religion.

Entry Requirements

Students must have a Grade 5 or above in GCSE English.


Three written exams sat at the end of Year 13.

Component 1 – 40% 2hrs 20mins

Component 2 – 30% 1hr 45mins

Component 3 – 30% 1hr 45mins

Where Next?

Classical Civilisation is a gateway to many university courses including Latin, Classics, and Ancient History. It is also popular amongst Law students and students of Philosophy and Religion. It is unique in that it equips you with a range of skills which are even applicable to the History of Art, Architecture and Archaeology.

Department Staff

Mr A Clinch (ACL) Teacher of Latin & Classics Contact