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Examination Board: AQA
Specification: 7692
Course Leaders: Mrs L Hurtado-Reid 
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What Will I Study?

Theme 1: Aspects of Hispanic society: current trends -  change in family structure, attitudes towards marriage and divorce, the influence of the Catholic Church, the influence of the Internet, the influence of smart phones on society, social networks: benefits and dangers, women in the workplace, chauvinism and feminism, the rights of gay and transgender people

Theme 2: Artistic culture in the Hispanic world - singers and musicians, stars of television and cinema, models, traditions and customs, gastronomy, languages, historic sites and pre-Hispanic civilizations, art and architecture, musical heritage and diversity.                      

Theme 3: Multiculturalism in Hispanic society - the benefits and negative aspects of immigration, racist and xenophobic attitudes, measures against racism, anti-racist legislation, cultural, educational and religious integration.

Theme 4: Aspects of political life in the Hispanic world - young people and attitudes towards politics: activism or apathy, youth unemployment, an ideal society, Franco's dictatorship, the evolution of the monarchy in Spain, Latin-American dictatorships, the effectiveness of demonstrations and strikes, the power of the unions, examples of social protest.                                                                  

 Entry Requirements

Students require a Grade 5 or above at GCSE Spanish, or substantial experience of speaking the language either at home or while living abroad.


Paper 1: Listening, Reading and Translation

Paper 2: Written response to works – based on the study of a film and a literary work

Paper 3: Oral (discussion of an issue and research-based project)

Where Next?

A wide range of careers where a language is a useful extra such as accounting, public relations, journalism, advertising, law, international marketing, administration and many more in this increasingly global world. In addition, more traditional language routes include translating. As part of your course you will be able to do a work experience placement in Spain, during that time you will live with a family and work in area of your interest.

Please Note

During this course you will read and listen to authentic Spanish language materials and will study aspects of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of a country where Spanish is spoken. You will have opportunities to develop your understanding and awareness of spiritual, moral, ethical, environmental, health and European issues.

Department Staff

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