A level

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel

Specification: 8MA0

Course Leader: Mr B Mills

Contact Email:

What Will I Study?

Topic 1 – Proof

Section A: Statistics

Topic 2 – Algebra and functions

Topic 1 – Statistical sampling

Topic 3 – Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane

Topic 2 – Data presentation and interpretation

Topic 4 – Sequences and series

Topic 3 – Probability

Topic 5 – Trigonometry

Topic 4 – Statistical distributions

Topic 6 – Exponentials and logarithms

Topic 5 – Statistical hypothesis testing

Topic 7 – Differentiation

Section B: Mechanics

Topic 8 – Integration

Topic 6 – Quantities and units in mechanics

Topic 9 – Numerical methods

Topic 7 – Kinematics

Topic 10 – Vectors

Topic 8 – Forces and Newton’s laws

Topic 9 – Moments

Entry Requirements

Students require a Grade 7 or above in GCSE Higher Mathematics.


Paper 1 – Core Mathematics, 2hrs,
33.3% of qualification

Paper 2 – Core Mathematics, 2hrs,
33.3% of qualification

Paper 3 – Statistics and Mechanics, 2hrs, 33.3% of qualification

Where Next?

Degree courses that benefit from A level Mathematics include Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, Accountancy, Teaching, Psychology, Physics and IT. Researchers at the London School of Economics have recently found that people who have studied Mathematics can expect to earn up to 11% more than their colleagues.

Department Staff

Mr D Flack (DFL) Teacher of Maths Contact
Mr B Mills (BMI) Head of Maths Contact
Mr C Ryall (CRY) Deputy Headteacher, Teaching & Learning Contact
Mr M Smith (MSM) Teacher of Maths Contact