Rationale – High Attaining Pupils

The issue of High Attaining Pupils (HAPS) was identified in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) 2016-17 as being a priority area for this academic year, because the most able pupils did not make the outstanding progress shown by other learner groups, and learning walks and lesson observations have shown an area for development in stretch and challenge of the most able in lessons. This was also a feature in the Ofsted report, who noted that the most able pupils did not always maximise their progress right from the start of every lesson.

In order to support progression across all subject areas in a completely whole-school approach, it was decided to trial a study motivation group for HAPS, imbuing skills that would be transferrable across the curricula studied within the school, and across phases, in order to support future study skills at a higher level.

Further, to support wellbeing and address the issue of pressure and stress associated with the expectations that HAPS often place on themselves, it was also decided to include an aspect on managing stress and self-expectations to ensure that students had the skills to manoeuvre through their first experience of public exams and beyond.

TGS Scholars Association was set up for those students who were high attaining across all of their subjects. This is a fluid group, and the vision is that this group of students are those who go on to apply for Oxbridge or Russell Group University places.

The TGS Scholars Programme

The Year 11 Scholars group have already completed a series of seminars, and will go on to encounter a variety of different subject-specific events, such as visits from outside speakers, and the opportunity to experience taster lessons to help inform A-Level choices.

The TGS Scholars in Year 10 will undertake a range of seminars, run by key staff with expertise in specific areas. The seminars will include a range of skills, for example:

  • Metacognition
  • Research Methods
  • Essay Preparation
  • Exam Question Analysis
  • Revision Techniques and use of ICT to Support Learning
  • Critical Thinking and Accessing Top Marks
  • Managing Self Expectations
  • University visits to Oxbridge or Russell Group Universities
  • Sixth Form opportunities
  • Preparing for UCAS applications