Eedi Summer Club is a summer maths program that is 100% free of charge that will help boost your child's confidence in maths ready for the new school year.

Why Eedi?
Developed by researchers here in the UK, Eedi is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that ascertains not just what students know or don't know but more importantly where they are confused or have a misconception or preconception. Built on an award-winning, six-billion strong misconception dataset, Eedi can predict, identify and provide just-in-time support to remedy 90% of maths misconceptions and can support educators to teach or reteach the last 10%.

When will summer club take place?

  • Monday, July 29th to Friday, August 30th.

What are the prizes?

  1. Weekly quizzes and prize draws:
    • Students who complete a quiz each week will be automatically entered into a prize draw.
    • Every week, a randomly selected teacher will win £100 worth of classroom goodies and a box of Eedi merchandise, and a lucky 10 students will receive a £20 voucher of their choice.
  2. Top commitment rewards:
    • At the end of the summer, we’ll reward the most committed students and schools at the top of our leaderboard with special prizes, including iPads, money and more!

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