Choosing a Curricular Pathway

The curriculum at Thomas Gainsborough School is broad, balanced and engaging. Your child will follow one of the four pathways through Year 7 and experience stretch and challenge through the subjects they study. Each pathway offers excellent progression through not only Year 7 but beyond, through Key Stage 3, 4 and 5 and there will be the opportunity to select a different pathway as your child moves in to Year 8 should you wish to. Your child’s primary school will be well placed to advise you on your child’s strengths and which pathway may be most engaging; we will also advise you and discuss the opportunities that each pathway provides for personalising your child’s learning. However, the choice will be yours.

Broad provides a range of subjects and specialisms. It offers a breadth of learning and is an excellent starting point for any secondary curriculum.

Grammar focuses more on the traditional (EBacc) subjects through greater allocation to Geography, History and Languages as well as the opportunity to study Classics.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) has a greater emphasis on Science and Technology related specialisms.

Broad Grammar STEM
English English English
Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Science Science Science
Humanities Geography Humanities
Modern Foreign Languages History Modern Foreign Languages
Design & Technology Philosophy Design & Technology
Computer Science & IT Classics Computer Science & IT
Art Modern Foreign Languages Media Studies
Drama Design & Technology Art
Music Computer Science & IT Drama
Art Music technology