At Thomas Gainsborough School the students pride themselves on their House name and colour and are encouraged by their tutors and Heads of House to do the best they possibly can in order to make their House the most successful.

There are four trophies that the students compete to win throughout the year.  

Transition Cup

Year six students compete for this trophy during transition week by taking part in a themed House challenge, by gaining merits for their hard work and attitude during taster lessons, taking part in sports tournaments and doing everything they possibly can to be a part of the newfound community.

Year Winner
2018 Abbas

Charity Cup

Throughout the year House Captains and their whips organise charity events to raise money for the school's chosen charities. Over the past couple of years we have seen it all from fancy dress obstacle course relay challenges to staff 'get me out of here' eating events and the good old fashioned bake sales. The money raised by each House is totaled up throughout the year and the House who has raised the most money wins the cup at the end of the Summer Term.

Year Winner
2018 Abbas

Sports Day Cup

Students from all year groups are put through their paces in PE lessons and students who are most successful are selected to represent their House on Sports Day in the Summer Term. The House who win the most events in both track and field are the House who rise to glory and win the Cup.

Year Winner
2018 Abbas

Chelsworth House Cup

The Chelsworth Cup, donated by The Chelsworth Parochial Charity, is awarded to the winning House at the end of every term in the main school assembly. Each Head of House strives to win this Cup and it is always a nail biter. The following aspects of school life contribute towards points for the Cup: merits earned by individual students; attendance of individuals and therefore House attendance; and results from the extensive range of competitions students have taken part in throughout the term.

Year Term Winner
2018 Autumn Abbas
2018 Spring Tollemache
2018 Summer Chamberlain