Thomas Gainsborough School Covid Budget 2021

The closure of schools due to Covid will have affected different students in different ways. Some will have gaps in their knowledge, others will have made some gains in theirs. We will work with students to identify need and address it as required.

We will provide the means for students to work independently according to their particular needs as well as addressing those needs in class. The best thing we can do for our students going forwards is to continue to provide all with quality first teaching. We will initiate a coaching scheme to help ensure more excellent teaching across the school.

We believe that one of the impacts of the closures has been a significant reduction is time spent working alongside other students and adults, collaborating, communicating and socialising. We will review our extra -curriculum offer to seek to provide greater opportunities for that kind of work to take place.




Maths instructor

(Maths graduate)


To provide regular and targeted one to one and small group support for students

English and Science revision resources


To support GCSE and A Level groups

Enrichment activities


To provide further opportunities for students

Additional IT resources


To provide additional chrome books for student use which can be used both in lessons and on long term loan.

Reading Programme, resources and assessments


To clearly identify gaps which have arisen in the recent lockdown in Key Stage 3

After school Tutors /NTP


Provide additional support for students who were disengaged during the lockdown period



To provide additional staff training identified through the School Improvement Plan



We will measure the outcome of this spend through our tracking, assessment and monitoring processes and through student and parent voice.