Textile Design

Course Leader: Mrs Raleigh

Contact Email: frayleigh@tgschool.net

GCSE Textiles


Examination Board:     AQA

Assessment:                   60% coursework, 40% examination


What does the course involve?

Students who choose to study Textiles at GCSE are keen to design, make creative and unique pieces of textile work. It is an exciting subject which encourages you to consider technological advances, as well as traditional textile skills, knowledge and understanding.

You will learn about fibres, fabrics and components; be creative and understand how designers get inspiration for design ideas, understand the issues which influence textile design; investigate methods to colour, decorate and stitch textile products; test, develop and evaluate ideas; be aware of how textile products are manufactured; know about the use of computers in designing and making.

Skills developed

Over time you will able to produce exciting and creative designs, to develop a range of textile techniques and construct a range of craft products. Students will regularly analyse products and information in order to inform future design whilst being taught the skills needed to support the generation and presentation of new ideas. Individual work on projects will be essential and develop your time management skills.

A Level Textiles


Course Leader:            Miss A Bowman

Contact Email:            abowman@tgschool.net

Examination Board:    AQA

Specification:                 Art 7241/C, 7241/X


What Will I Study?

A Level Textiles explores many of the techniques, processes and concepts behind Fine Art Textiles design by exploring materials, surface, techniques and processes and linking them to contemporary and historical contextual references. The course gives students the opportunity to develop a range of skills, the ability to think in-depth about the concepts and ideas underpinning the work of Textile Artists and a critical approach towards the presentation and quality of their own work.

During year 12 students develop their ability to use techniques and processes through intense periods of experimentation, guided by in-depth research into a variety of starting points. There are two portfolio projects in the autumn term, exploring practical and contextual starting points.

In year 13, students complete a ‘Personal Investigation’ component in which they apply the skills they have developed through an independently designed project which combines practical and written elements. In year 13 the students complete an externally set (exam) project which comprises 40% of the overall assessment.

Entry Requirements

Students require a Grade B or above in GCSE Art and Design or Textiles.


Formative assessment takes place throughout the course with feedback, group critiques and learning conversations used to drive progress. The exam takes place in year 13 and is externally moderated by AQA.

Where Next?

Studying textiles is an exciting course that will open opportunities for careers in Textiles, Fashion and Art & Design.  Students can go on to a one year foundation college course, creative apprenticeships within the design industry and Degree courses.



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