The link on Resources section of this page is to an active document providing a summary of tasks for students to support their learning during school closures.

We also provide access to a number of excellent online systems to support leanring throughout the year, which are particularly useful when school is closed.

Useful for all students & parents
Shows individual homework tasks, targets from Academic tutoring and for some subjects feedback to assessments. Email if you need help to login.
Useful for all students
Allows access to Email, online documents and Google Classroom. Can be used on all mobile devices. Email if you need help accessing your Google Apps.
Most useful for Years 10 & 11
A collection of short, memorable audio and graphical clips which are a great aid to revision when used regularly fr revision. After viewing a clip then make notes and test yourself. Younger students can also login by clicking “New Here, Get Started” on login page. Email if you require help.
Useful for students of all ages, especially years 7-9
Great competitive fun while you practise your recall of times tables. Vital for developing fluency. Email if you require help to access it.
Useful for all students studying Maths
Contains excellent short videos on al Maths topics, which can then be practiced and marked online. If you need help access Mathswatch please email
Useful for all students studying science
A comprehensive range of online teaching and assessment tools used to support students work in science.

All students benefit from regular revision and from developing the skills of working independently.