I’d like to take this opportunity to share our successful Summer School with you all and to thank all the staff who were involved. 

We saw 182 Yr 6 students over 2 weeks for a range of activities aimed to give them some academic experiences, but mainly to ensure they feel confident in joining us for September. Those of you involved know how full on these days were with reading, teambuilding and a range of lessons – the students were worn out at the end of their weeks, and we certainly gained an insight into some of them! Please have a look at some of the positive messages from both students and parents. 

Our Sententia group had a week looking at taking part in the EPQ Level 2, most of them looking to continue with this in September – thank you John for offering to run enrichment sessions to support this. Students gave very positive feedback – particularly about understanding how to carry out research and how to evaluate sources. To give you an idea of how hard they worked during their week have a look at some of their initial titles for their projects: 

  • To what extent do the anomalies in technological advancements of ancient civilisation indicate the presence of extra-terrestrials? 
  • To what extent does LGBTQ+ representatives in the media affect the mental health of young LGBTQ+ people? 
  • To what extent does Marvel portray male characters as stronger (physically & emotionally) than female characters? 
  • To what extent is climate change affecting the aviation industry? 
  • Which is safer - a comparison between the UK and Japan 

We then had another 78 Year 10 students attend 173 intervention sessions aimed to help fill some revision gaps and catch up with their work. 

These weeks were incredibly busy and so successful. Thank you so much to everyone who was involved, prepared resources and encouraged students to attend. A special thank you to Sam & Sarah in the kitchen for the fantastic food they provided – it was mentioned in so much of the feedback from all year groups!