GCSE Textile Design in Years 10 & 11

Course Leader: Mrs Raleigh
Contact Email: fraleigh@tgschool.net
Examination Board: AQA
Assessment: 60% coursework, 40% examination

Why should I study this subject at Key Stage 4?
Careers in the creative industry are one of the biggest growing sectors in the Uk.During the course students learning to manipulate a range of materials into three dimensional products,experimenting with shape and form. This gives students a solid foundation to study at key stage five product design, print making, textiles and fashion. 

What does the course involve?
Students who choose to study Textile Design at GCSE are keen to design and make creative and unique pieces of textile work, working with a range of materials such as fabrics, papers and plastics. It is an exciting subject which encourages you to consider technological advances, as well as traditional textile skills, knowledge and understanding.
You will work towards three given themes/topics throughout the course which will make up your ‘Personal Portfolio’ worth 60% of your final GCSE.
You will learn about different areas of textile design such as fabric construction, manipulation, surface decoration, pattern and repeated design, and will gain an understanding of fibres, fabrics and components.
You will be creative in your approach and learn how designers get inspiration for design ideas; understand the issues which influence textile design; investigate methods to colour, decorate and stitch textile products; as well as researching and analysing a range of contextual sources to help influence and inspire your creative thinking.
Your design journey will lead to the development and refinement of your own personal ideas in response to the sources you have studied.
You will have a final project to undertake in year 11 which is your ‘Externally Set Assignment’ and equates to 40% of your final grade; 10 hours of which you will use to produce a final outcome under controlled conditions.

Skills developed
Over time you will be able to produce exciting and creative designs, to develop a range of textile techniques and construct a range of craft products. Individual work on projects will be essential and develop your time management skills.  You will learn to progressively develop experiments, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your work as you progress: you will practice the skills of analysis and evaluation, and use them to refine your emerging practice. The skills you develop during this course will be ideally suited to further study at Key Stage 5, or a further career in a Textiles based role.

Department Staff

Mrs E Pearl (EPE) Technician Contact