Philosophy is a highly valuable subject that develops our student’s awareness and appreciation of the wider world around them as well as the diversity within British Society. The subject encourages our students to be informed and tolerant individuals who can competently debate and express their own views, beliefs and spiritual/philosophical outlook with others. The subject is prized amongst employers for the intellectual and academic skills it engenders.

Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7 Study of Islam Sikhism (Living Faiths) Life of Jesus
Year 8 A Journey into Buddhism Hinduism(Living Faiths) Religion and the Environment
Year 9 Religion, Wealth and Poverty Christianity (Living Faiths) Crime and Punishment

If students choose Philosophy as one of their GCSE options they will complete a study of the AQA GCSE Religious Studies Specification.

This comprises of two parts-one part will involve a detailed study of the beliefs and practices of Christianity and Islam. The other aspect involves applying the above to a range of thematic studies-such as medical ethics, just war theory, debates about the existence of God.

In KS3 our students are formally assessed using an end of unit test at the end of each term’s topic of study which is logged onto G4S.

In KS4, in addition to the above, students will sit one mock exam in the Spring term of Year 10 and one in the Autumn term of Year 11.

Key Stage 4 Courses

Students in Years 10 & 11 can study GCSE Philosophy.

Details of this course is available from the linked resources on this page.

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