Music Technology

RSL Level 2 (Vocational)

Course Leader: Mr N Reynolds
Contact Email: 
Examination Board: RSL
Assessment: 40% External Assessment, 60% Internal Assessment

Why should I study this subject at Key Stage 4? 

This unique and popular qualification provides a vocationally relevant course in popular music, which allows for progression into the music or recording industry.   You can study this course and not need to play an instrument.

What does the course involve?
The course is split into three units.

  1. Musical Knowledge - You will study and analyse musical styles within Popular Music and the various distinctive traits that comprise them.

  2. Music Sequencing and Production - This unit is to develop your skills in using music sequencing software such as Logic Pro X.  You will produce a 3-5 minute composition demonstrating knowledge of synthesis, sampling, editing, MIDI, quantisation, automation, mixing and project management.   This composition can be in any style you wish.

  3. Sound Recording - In this unit you will learn the sound recording process.  You will plan and undertake a studio recording of a piece of music.   You will develop your analytical, organisational and recording, mixing and communication skills.

Differences from Year 9
At Key Stage 3, you will have experienced elements of Music Technology and found this side of Music fun.  This course expands on this work, and gives you the practical freedom to experiment and refine your skills.   

Skills developed
You will develop vocational skills required to support your journey into the music industry.   You will become familiar with Logic Pro X and microphones, as well as plugins and effects required for a professional recording.

Studying Music at Sixth Form

Students can continue studying music as an A Level here at Thomas Gainsborough School.

Extra Curriculuar

A wide range of ensembles, choirs and groups run throughout the year. Peripatetic music lessons are also available, to find out more please contact the Head of Music.