History is fascinating in its own right, ranging from the poignant to the gruesome and the everyday to the bizarre.  By studying History, we can appreciate the story of our own country and its place within the wider history of the world.  History is an impressive subject to have on a CV as it teaches the skills of explanation and analysis.  The high level skills taught at GCSE History are transferable to any other subject or career and this is recognised by colleges, universities and employers.

History has always been my favourite subject. When I took decided to take it in year 9 I thought it would be more or less the same. However, it became much more exciting as we learned about things in a greater depth and detail.

The subject has really helped me discover what I want to do in the future and where I want to take my life. Overall, the subject is really enjoyable and really exciting to learn about. In addition to this, all the history teachers support every single student and help you to progress further.    Anwen Y11

I enjoy history as it is interesting to learn about how humans have developed over time through generations and how those people lived before. Often we take for granted the discoveries other people have made enabling us to live like we do and I think those initial discoveries should not be forgotten.    Dominic Y10



Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7 The Norman conquest and its impact Life in the middle ages Violence and politics in the middle ages
Year 8 The Tudors and Stuarts The slave trade Industrial Britain and its Empire
Year 9 The First World War

1920s America
The rise of Hitler
The homefront

The Holocaust
Black Lives Matter

Assessments will be based on extended writing; with the focus on explaining and analytical writing.

For example:

1) How did King Harold die?   

2) Was Prohibition a terrible idea?  

GCSE History Years 10 & 11

Course Leader:     Mr P Billimore
Contact Email:    pbillimore@tgschool.net
Examination Board:    Edexcel
Assessment:    100% examination

Why should I study this subject at Key Stage 4?

History has some great stories and they are real, sometimes all too real, as you will discover on this course!

What does the course involve?
The course involves studying four very different types of History. 

A British depth study based on Norman and Anglo-Saxon England c 1060-1088; will focus on the Norman invasion under William the Conqueror and its impact on all aspects of English society. 

A thematic study of Medicine in Britain from c 1250 to the present; We will consider why and how medical practice has changed and progressed through the centuries. As part of this section of the course a special study will be made of the historic environment in this case it will be injuries, treatment and the trenches in the British of the Western Front in the First World War. 

● A period study of the American West c 1835-1895; we will consider the clash of cultures between the American Indians and the European Settlers in the nineteenth century. 

A study of Modern America 1954-1975; the course will focus on the struggle for Civil Rights and the conflict in Vietnam. 

Differences from Year 9
GCSE History builds on the work done at key stage 3. The skills learnt will be built upon and a range of new skills will be developed, most of the content will be new and studied more in depth.   

Skills developed
Studying History at GCSE level will allow you to develop your thinking and reasoning skills, improve your analysis of different types of evidence and will allow you to produce cogent arguments.

Studying History at Sixth Form

Students can continue studying history as an A Level here at Thomas Gainsborough School.

Extra Curricular

Students have the opportunity to take part in a number of history related trips.

Department Staff

Mr P Billimore Head of History Contact
Miss B Fairs Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Contact
Mr M Gibson Teacher of Humanities Contact
Mrs K Wells Teacher of English Contact
Mrs N Wilby Assistant Headteacher (Student Support) Contact