Health and Social, is an amazing subject it helps students learn about various types of things from life stages to Human life development, its also a good starting place if someone is considering to join in the health and social care industry and want to work with kids, for example.

And I encourage students to take this subject as its not boring at all, you learn new aspects of HSC every lesson!    Brent Y10

I like this subject because it includes life skills that we all could benefit from and include in our daily lives. Students should study it because we learn about how we develop, our health care systems and things that effect us. Making it a useful and exciting subject to study!!    Ellie Y10

Health & Social Care in Years 10 & 11

BTEC Tech Award

Course Leader: Mrs Power
Contact Email:
Examination Board: Edexcel
Assessment: 60% coursework, 40% external assessment

Why should I study this subject at Key Stage 4?

BTEC level 2 Tech Award in Health and Social Care provides you with the knowledge and employability skills needed to succeed in higher education and employment. This course gives you the opportunity to examine the many different roles within the Health and Social care sector and gain an understanding of the skills and qualifications needed. 

What does the course involve?

This BTEC Tech Award gives you the opportunity to build skills that show an aptitude for further learning both in the health and social care sector and more widely.

The two internally assessed components focus on: 

● Human growth and development 

● How people deal with major life events 

● Health and social care services 

● Health and social care values and how they are applied in practice. 

The component 3 external examination assessment builds directly on the two internally assessed components and enables learning to be brought together and related to a real-life situation. You will assess an individual’s health and wellbeing and use this to create a health and wellbeing improvement plan. 

How will I be assessed? 

You will be assessed through a number of controlled assessments for component 1 and 2 that will take place during lesson time in Year 10. In Year 11 you will be assessed by an external exam that takes place in February and a resit opportunity in May. 


Skills developed
You will develop transferable skills, such as written communication, skills in applying care values which are common across the sector (some of which are transferable to other sectors that involve interactions with clients or customers) and skills in analysing information and communicating for a specific purpose. All these will support your progression to Level 3 vocational or academic qualifications.

Studying Health & Social Care at Sixth Form

Students can continue studying health & social care as a vocational subject here at Thomas Gainsborough School.

Department Staff

Miss G Forster (GFO) Assistant Headteacher, Communications Contact
Mrs J Power (JPO) Head of Houghton House & Head of Health & Social Care Contact