Key Stage 3 Overview

Being able to cook is an important life skill. Students will learn how to prepare and cook a wide variety of products using basic to more complex skills. Over the three years students will study the different food groups and the part they play in maintaining a healthy balanced diet. The skills taught are a foundation to the Food and Nutrition course taught at GCSE level.

Broad Grammar STEM 1 STEM 2
Year 7 Basic Skills Basic Skills Basic Skills Health & Safety
Year 8 School Dinners
School Dinners
School Dinners
Multi-Cultural Foods
Year 9 Protein Protein Protein Food Provenance

Students learning will be assessed by:

Practical skill ability and written assessments

Key Stage 4 Courses

Students in Years 10 & 11 can study GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition.

Details of this course is available from the linked resources on this page.

Department Staff

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