Course leader: Mr B Mills,
Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel


Two exam papers each worth 50% of the final grade. 1hr 30 mins each.

Additional support being provided by school

Mr Mills is available every Friday from 15:15 - 16:00 for any revision work needed.  Revision books will be emailed to students separately ready for the Easter break. 

How parents and carers can best support their child

  • Encourage pupils to develop a revision plan to ensure that they cover the full breadth of the syllabus.

  • Purchase a revision guide and workbook from Mr Mills or Mr Gault.

  • Encourage pupils to target areas they find difficult.

  • Make use of online materials available.

  • Work through past papers asking pupils to explain their answers.


Summary of the top sites for revision

Help Videos

Past Papers

Worked examples of past papers

Decide Commit Succeed


Revision Activity Skill Developed Exam/Topic Link Useful learning Link

Revision pack handed out to you within lesson. 

Knowledge and recall practice Paper 1 and Paper 2 

Topic revision using your end of unit exams as a guidance as to what to revise

Knowledge recall and practice

Paper 1 and Paper 2
Timed exam questions under exam conditions Exam technique Paper 1 and Paper 2 

You could purchase a revision workbook and work your way through it. Question practice Paper 1 and Paper 2