You are the leaders of this community. Every student at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form is a future leader. We place high value on developing these skills throughout your time with us. Whether you are on a Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme activity, taking part in the Sixth Form Challenge event, whether you are enjoying work experience with business and industry leaders or playing a lead role in student politics, we encourage all our students to see the development of the skills needed to prepare for positions of responsibility and authority as an integral part of your time in our Sixth Form.

Our Academic Sixth Form tutoring and House Systems are designed to develop these roles. Universities and employers will be looking for recruits who have shown their skills in leading and developing other people. This can involve being Head Boy or Head Girl or becoming a Senior Student attached to the leadership of each House but it can also involve the support and mentoring that you might give to younger students. Being a student at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form is being a member of a wider community: your community!

Your time here will be rewarding. It will be rewarding intellectually, it will be rewarding academically, but life at Thomas Gainsborough Sixth Form is not just about what happens in the classroom.

You can also take advantage of our TGS driving School, in collaboration with EZE Driving - proud sponsors of the STEPP Football Academy here at TGS Sixth Form.

Gold Arts Mark:

Arts Award gold is an additional opportunity for Key Stage 5 students to engage in a variety of different practical arts activities, as well as leading an event and exploring contemporary issues in the arts. As part of the award, students will complete a practical portfolio in which they will be expected to develop work in a familiar medium, as well as developing an understanding of a new skill or technique alongside a practitioner. Students will explore a contemporary issue in the arts and gather thoughts and opinions from others. Students will visit exhibitions and performances and critique them. As part of the second unit, students will demonstrate leadership and organisation skills by organising, risk assessing, curating and evaluating an art event. Gold arts award is viewed as a challenging and stretching additional experience for students and is an excellent addition to a UCAS application. Students taking the gold award should demonstrate high levels of independence, organisation and motivation as they pursue their study. 

Duke of Edinburgh Award:

The Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award offers our students the opportunity to experience fresh challenges and achieve new skills. It demonstrates commitment and hard work as well as developing leadership and team work skills. It is an award that will provide life skills that will be especially helpful when applying for university or seeking employment. Thomas Gainsborough are proud to be able to offer this fantastic opportunity to our students.