Government and Politics

A level

Examination Board: Edexcel

Specification: 9PLO

Centre Leader: Mr D Yates


What Will I Study?

You will learn about political participation and government structures in the UK and the USA and the world, both in and beyond elections. You will also study the development of political ideas such as conservation, liberalism, socialism, feminism and anarchism, including:

Component 1 - UK Politics 

Component 2 - UK Government 

Component 3 - Politics and Government of the USA

You will be taught using active and collaborative learning approaches, as well as individual reading and written assignments. You will be expected to keep up with current affairs by reading newspapers, watching and listening to the news.

Why choose Government and Politics?

If you want to challenge the system, challenge politicians and debate meaningful issues, then this course is for you. Whether you want to get into politics, become a journalist, enter law, or simply want to add a highly-rated social science A level to your CV. This course will develop knowledge and a critical awareness of the changing nature of politics, the impact of decisions as well as an ability to analyse political argument, leading to your own judgements.

Entry Requirements

Students should achieve at least Grade 4 at GCSE English.


There are three units, each examined with a 2 hour exam. Questions take the form of essays. 

Where Next?

A level Government and Politics will help you gain access to university to study social sciences, including Politics and Sociology, Law, Criminology, Medicine, History, English, and many others.


Department Staff

Mr D Yates (DYA) Teacher of Government & Politics Contact