Further Mathematics

A level

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel

Specification: 9FM0

Course Leader: Mr B Mills

Contact Email: bmills@tgschool.net

What Will I Study?


Algorithms and graph theory

Complex numbers

Algorithms on graphs


Critical path analysis

Further algebra and functions

Linear programming

Further calculus

Allocation (assignment) problems

Further vectors

Flows in networks

Polar coordinates

Dynamic programming

Hyperbolic functions

Game theory

Differential equations

Decision analysis

Entry Requirements

Students require a level 7 or above at GCSE Higher Mathematics.


Paper 1 – Core Pure Mathematics 1,
1hr 30min, 25% of qualification

Paper 2 – Core Pure Mathematics 2,
1hr 30min, 25% of qualification

Paper 3 – Decision 1, 1hr 30min,
25% of qualification

Paper 4 – Decision 2, 1hr 30min,
25% of qualification

Where Next?

Degree courses that benefit from A level Further Mathematics include Economics, Medicine, Architecture, Engineering, Accountancy, Teaching, Psychology, Physics and IT. Researchers at the London School of Economics have recently found that people who have studied Mathematics can expect to earn up to 11% more than their colleagues.

Department Staff

Mr D Flack (DFL) Teacher of Maths Contact