English Language

A level

Examination Board: AQA

Specification: 7702

Course Leader: Mrs N Gilligan

Contact Email: ngilligan@tgschool.net

What Will I Study?

The main topics you will study during the course are:

•  Exploring and analysing a wide variety of texts and their purposes, genre and audience and how language is adapted according to context.

•  Understanding how children learn to speak, read and write.

•  Developing a knowledge of how the English Language has developed and changed over time.

•  Exploring the different varieties of English spoken in this country and around the world.

•  Considering how language is affected by gender, occupation and social context.

•  In addition, there will be coursework which involves producing creative, original writing and an investigation into an aspect of language study which interests you.

Entry Requirements

Students require English Language GCSE Grade 5 or above.


Two exams at the end of the two-year course, each 2 hours 30 minutes and each worth 40% of the final grade. The original writing and language investigation coursework is worth a further 20% of the final grade.

Where Next?

As well as English at university, the course provides an excellent foundation for numerous other courses such as linguistics, law, history, psychology, sociology, journalism, modern foreign languages, public relations, media, teaching and many more.

A more developed understanding of the ways in which we use language is also excellent preparation for any career where you will be required to work with others or communicate with clients and customers.

Department Staff

Dr D Clarke (DCL) Head of Film & Media Studies Contact
Mrs N Gilligan (NGI) Assistant Headteacher Contact