BTEC National Level 3 Extended Certificate

Examination Board: Pearson

Course Leader: Mr C Ellis

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What Will I Study?

The course is divided into the areas of Engineering, Engineering Principles, Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a Team, Engineering Product Design and Manufacture and one other module decided on the merit and skills of the cohort. A course for students who are interested in Engineering. This approach will cover practical, applied Engineering, with an introduction to the sector as a career and a future.

Engineering Principles

Works with prior GCSE knowledge of mathematical and scientific principles to solve engineering-based problems. The knowledge is extended through an introduction of early engineering scientists such as Newton, Young and Faraday and the principles they developed. The problems you encounter will be mathematical and scientific based giving you a strong foundation to support with any further study or work within the Engineering Sector.

Delivery of Engineering Processes Safely as a Team

Investigation into how processes are undertaken safely. Completed as a team to create engineering products or to deliver an engineering service safely. Common engineering processes such as Health and Safety legislation, regulation that apply to common processes and the impact of human error. In addition, Principles such as engineering drawing and computer aided drawing skills as well as working in a team to apply the skills mentioned in a problem-solving activity.

This Unit will be assessed through a series of internal assessments such as reports and practical activities.

Engineering Product Design and Manufacture

The design of products come from need and opportunity and this module will allow creative skills and technical knowledge to discover new designs or improvement within current designs of Engineering products. With a focus on removing safety risks and looking at the triggers of change this module covers a wide range of design and implementation aspects.

Entry Requirements

Students require a Grade 5 in GCSE Maths from a higher paper and Grade 5 in Product Design, or a Merit/Distinction in Engineering.


•  1 x 2 hour exam on Engineering Principles.

•  1 x Set Task on Product Design and Manufacture, completed under supervised conditions over 8 hours.

Where Next?

This course allows you to apply for entry level technician jobs as well as moving on to further education in the Engineering Sector. If you are not sold on moving into Engineering, having the technical knowledge for a design programme may stand you apart from the crowd.

Department Staff

Miss J Armstrong Teacher of Technology Contact
Mr P Bentley Teacher of Engineering Design Contact
Miss S Dowley Teacher of Technology Contact
Mr C Ellis Head of Technology Contact