Religion, Philosophy and Ethics

A level

Examination Board: OCR

Specification: H573 A

Course Leader: Miss B Fairs

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What Will I Study?

1: Philosophy of Religion

•  Arguments about the existence or non-existence of God.

•  What is a ‘Religious Experience’ and how may it affect a person?

•  How may evil and suffering challenge religious belief?

•  The nature of the soul, mind and body.

•  The possibility of whether there is a life after death.

•  Ideas about the nature of God.

•  Issues in the meaning and use of
religious language.

2: Ethics and Religion

•  Different forms of ethical theories on how to determine how we should act.

•  Applying these ethical theories to euthanasia and business ethics.

•  Reflecting on ethical language and thought.

•  Debates surrounding the significant ideas of conscience and free will.

•  The influence on ethical thought of developments in religious beliefs and the philosophy of religion.

•  Application of these theories to sexual ethics.

3: Developments Christian Thought

•  Religious beliefs, values and teachings, their interconnections and how they vary historically and in the contemporary world.

•  Sources of religious wisdom and authority.

•  Practices which shape and express
religious identity, and how these vary within a tradition.

•  Significant social and historical developments in theology and religious thought.

•  Key themes related to the relationship between religion and society.

Entry Requirements

Students require at least five GCSEs at Grade 9-5. A Grade 5 or above in Religious Studies is also recommended.


Three externally assessed exams sat at the end of Year 13. Each exam is two hours long and is worth 1/3 of the overall mark. Each exam requires students to complete three essays from a choice of four.

Where Next?

It is a fully recognised qualification by all universities. A level Philosophy and Ethics links well to future undergraduate courses, such as: Law, Psychology, Education, Philosophy, Literature, Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) - to name just a few. As a stand-alone qualification it is particularly useful for students considering future careers in law, medicine, public services, the police, NHS, teaching and the armed services.

Why Choose Religion, Philosophy & Ethics?

Philosophy & Ethics will stimulate and challenge you. It is an excellent choice for students who have lots of opinions, are able to express them and are thoughtful, and critical, of views that they may disagree with. Current full course students of Philosophy are strongly recommended to pursue the subject further by taking this A level.

Department Staff

Miss B Fairs (BFA) Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics Contact
Mrs H Yapp (HYA) Headteacher, Student Support Contact