School Transport

School transport is provided free of charge to students in years 7-11 who live within the catchment area and more than 3 miles from the school by Suffolk County Council.

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to arrange transport. All information can be found on the Suffolk on Board website.

If you live in Essex, but within the catchment area please go to the Essex County Council website.

Thomas Gainsborough School facilitate transport for students in some out of catchment areas. A letter detailing times and cost can be found under resources.

Mr Ponsford has overall responsibility for school transport and can be contacted via email here.

Timing of the School Day

Period Time
Registration 08:50
Lesson 1 09:10
Break 10:50
Lesson 2 11:10
Lunch 12:50
Lesson 3 13:30
After school clubs 15:10