If you have any questions about the school’s policies please contact enquiries@tgschool.net.

Accessibility Statement

Admissions Policy (for admissions from September 2018)

Sixth Form Admission Policy March 2018

Anti-Bullying Policy (June 2018)

Arts and cultural policy

Attendance Policy (Mar.19)

Behaviour Policy (Nov 2017 Review)

British Values Guidance

Careers Policy (January 2018)

Complaints Policy and Procedure SWAT

Data Protection Policy SWAT

Drugs Policy (September 2017)

Equalities Objectives (March 2017)

Equalities Policy (February 2018)

Lettings and Remissions Policy & Form (January 2017)

Online Safety Policy (April 2019)

Safeguarding Policy (September 2017)

Sex & Relationships Education (April 2019)

Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Provision Policy (January 2018)

Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy (April 2019)

Teaching Policy – Curriculum & Assessment (September 2017)

Teaching Policy – Expectations for Marking

Teaching Policy – Lesson Guidance

Teaching Policy – Preparation for Learning (Homework) Policy (June 2019)

Teaching Policy – SWAT Learning & Teaching

Young Carers Policy (January 2019)

Funding Agreement with EFA

As part of the Samuel Ward Academy Trust we also follow their policies, statements and register of interest. Thes can be viewed on the Samuel Ward Academy Trust policy page.

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