Dear Families,

Year 9 ‘Out to Work’ Shadow Day

In order for the students to gain an experience of a work environment, we would like families to take their child to work with them during enrichment day on Friday 15th March 2024. Students will ‘work shadow’ their parent or nominated adult and will be expected to complete a short written project.

The aims of the day are:

• To cover the differences between school and work

• To find out what an employer expects

• To relate the work they are doing at school to their future careers

The attached guidelines should answer any questions you may have regarding the Out to Work day, however if you wish to discuss anything please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email:

If your place of work is unsuitable or inconvenient, please find a suitable alternative. You can nominate a friend, relative, neighbour or other trusted adult, that knows your child, to help. We understand that many of you may now be working from home, this is not a concern, providing your child is able to become involved with your work for the day. We also appreciate that some of you may work part-time hours, this is also suitable as we understand jobs come in various differing working hours. We believe it is vital that all students participate in this programme. Please ensure that permission is obtained from the organisation’s manager. Should further information be required by the organisation, this letter can be shown or alternatively, please contact me directly.

When you have been able to confirm which company/organisation will support your child, I would be grateful if you would complete this Google Consent Form. Should we have any concerns I shall contact you directly.

Thank you for supporting your child with their career progression and experiences.

With regards

Katy Osborne

Careers Manager