Our schools’ eco-committee are very active, and after delivering a series of assemblies two weeks ago they are now leading a charity initiative to increase biodiversity, through the Wildlife Trusts Big Wild Walk, www.wildlifetrusts.org/bigwildwalk

Please consider helping us to raise £200 by walking 200 km.

  1. Join us by walking over the half term break. Email Mr Ryall cryall@tgschool.net confirmation of the distance walked (this could be from an app or smart watch) and include a photo from your “wild walk”. We will record the total distance walked and award merits to students taking part.
  2. You can also make a donation online at www.thewildlifetrusts.enthuse.com/pf/tgs-eco or donate to the bucket by the piano at lunch or break.
  3. 3. On Thursday 19 October at 3:15 students can meet by the piano for a “wild walk” with the ec0ocommittee to explore the biodiversity close to school. Students should bring a change of shoes for this walk.