During the re-assessment, the school has continued to be highlighted as a beacon of excellence for its nurture and supportive nature.  Councillors James Reeder and Rachel Hood have also visited the school and were thrilled to see our school in action as a follow up to this award.  They commented on the inclusive nature, warmth shown and aspirations towards high standards and excellence; for each, for all.

Some comments from the re-assessment report can be seen below.

  • Staff were able to confidently talk about the different learner needs in the classrooms and justify a variety of strategies that they used to ensure learners could access their lessons.
  • Context sheet initiative has ensured there is a culture of every child matters which is unrelated to ability.
  • Thomas Gainsborough School has been identified as a beacon school for their systems and procedures for improving attendance.
  • The success and impact of the IQM targets are evidenced throughout the school culture. This is largely due to the fact that leaders include on their School Improvement Priorities and that the tracking and monitoring of those priorities is rigorous and robust at all levels. Consequently, the impact of the initiatives become fully embedded in the school culture. Leadership at Thomas Gainsborough has high expectations of excellence from all the people that are involved in their provision. But those expectations are underpinned with a warmth and a fundamental ethos of nurture coupled with progression. It is always a pleasure to visit Thomas Gainsborough School in every sense of the word.