The Day: current affairs educational resource to develop reading.

You may wish to use the website of "The Day" at home with your children and young people. We use this regularly in tutor time to help students better understand the wider world, and develop their reading confidence. It publishes two news articles each day on a wide range of topics and can be very useful to read with, or encourage your child to read independently using an electronic device. Visit to find out more.

An introduction to The Day

  • The Day is a rich and engaging online educational resource that turns news into lessons across five differentiated reading levels.
  • It provides schools with unlimited access to activities that bring big global issues into the classroom through daily news written in-house, polls, videos, images, graphics, posters, translations and links for external guided research.
  • We engage all learners and inspire comprehension through challenging, rich texts, experiential learning, project work and the acquisition of core knowledge about the real world.
  • By making connections between current affairs and the curriculum, we encourage students to become more actively engaged in their studies and more inquisitive, enabling them to develop cultural capital and the skills they need to be successful in the modern world and ethical, informed citizens.
  • We believe that investigating what is true and exposing misinformation enables people to make good choices and fulfil their potential.
  • We work towards a world where young people everywhere learn how to become ambitious, capable learners, ask good questions, debate the issues, listen to others and develop a powerful voice in shaping a better future.