Dear families,

Now that we have had a brief glimpse of some Summer weather, it may be a good time to talk to our young people about the benefits of being out in the fresh air rather than indoors and online. A great starting point would be to share online half term daily usage statistics from the home screen. Reflecting on the negative impact extended online time has on our mental health, in direct contrast to the positive benefits on wellbeing of even the most gentle exercise could support some good habits prior to the Summer holiday. The newsletter highlights the need for parents to be aware of the age limits of apps and games. We may trust that our child is responsible enough to leave the game/app language and topics online but who are they communicating with? Many of those they come into contact with will be well over the stated age limit advised.

Regular, open conversations regarding online safety will ensure our young people enjoy the benefits but not the pitfalls of online entertainment.

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Best wishes