Dear families,

We have shared with students information about the assessments used to judge their progress this year.

This includes some exams which will take place in the sports hall over the next three weeks.

We have reduced the number and length of of these end of year exams. This still gives students vital practice of the systems and routines that will support them in completing exams at the end of Year 11. It also gives comparable information on students progress, and allows us to best support Year 10 students who, following assessments, are eligible for exam access arrangements.

There are also assessments and shorter tests taking place in lessons. For example, reading tests, GL assessments for English and Maths, Year 10 spoken language assessments and Food non-examined assessments are taking place this half term.

A copy of the timetable for these exams in the sports hall is available to download from the resourses section.

We have fans running in the hall between exams, students do not need to wear their blazers in the exam hall, and are encouraged to bring water to drink in transparent, unlabelled bottles. They should also have a black or blue pen with them. Other equipment is provided. For most exams students in Year 7 to 9 attend their usual lesson and are then brought to the exam hall to line up.

We have also published information on the range of ways we provide feedback to students and families at

As the most effective way to provide feedback varies by subject and key stage there will also be summaries of the feedback methods used in each subject ready for the start of next year. This will help you access feedback more easily and prompt more useful discussions with your child. We will also be making additional checks to ensure that Go4Schools has more useful and accessible information.

The end of year reports for Years 7, 8 to 9 will also include additional information about how students have progressed and a recommended focus for next year.

Information on options choices for Year 9 students will also be shared next week. There will be a final opportunity for changes, where spaces in groups are available, and the requirements to study a language for suitable students are still met. These discussions will be supported by Heads of House.