The sixth form team have recently started sending students resources on a weekly bulletin; such as webinars and uni taster day information. I decided to take advantage of this by signing up to several webinars that cover a variety of topics, in order to inform my future decision making regarding university. The first that I attended was a personal statement webinar held by the University of Portsmouth. This, along with UCAS live feeds mean that I now have a better understanding of how to start off and what to include in my personal statement. I have signed up to four other webinars and a virtual open day event. These include an immigration/migration think-tank, a pollution think-tank, art and design portfolios and a UCAS virtual exhibition on creative subjects. Not only will these help me to inform my future decisions, but the information that I take from them - especially the think-tanks - will help me to broaden my perspectives and gain a better understanding of subjects that I am currently studying.

Jemma Sergeant - Year 13 Student