As a parent or carer, you naturally take a keen interest in your child’s education.  Now here’s your chance to have a say in key decisions at our school and to make a real contribution to the local community – by becoming a Parent Governor.

School Governors represent England’s largest group of volunteers (currently some 300,000 strong), who are dedicated to school improvement.  Governors make important decisions with regard to the running of the school - that is, with regard to curriculum, pupil targets, school improvement, budget, staffing, health and safety and management of premises.

If all this sounds rather daunting, remember that school Governors are drawn from all walks of life and no specialist knowledge is required. 

Governing bodies act corporately and are collectively responsible for decisions.  The emphasis is very much on collaboration with other Governors and the Headteacher.  The amount of time devoted to governance varies, but an average might be one or two Governing Body meetings per term, plus one or two committee meetings.

Governors report that they derive a range of personal benefits from the work  indeed, many find the role enormously rewarding and stay with the same school for years.  Governors also report immense satisfaction that, in giving up a few hours a term, they can help make a real difference to children’s lives. 

If you are interested in becoming a Parent Governor, please contact Mrs Sue Leon (Chair of Governors) for further information on

A nomination form is available in the resources section.

(Please also note the document showing qualifications and disqualifications to serve as an Parent Governor).

The closing date for nominations is Monday 6th November 2023.